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Inity Arts & Music

Inity Arts & Music is a record label, music publisher and studio, though in the true spirit of Inity, we’re also very much interested in education. As a record label and studio, we need to be aware of many aspects of the music industry. Within the group of friends that make up Inity Arts & Music there is a variety of skill and talent, shadowed only by ambition.

With this site/blog, we’re here to teach what we’re learning and discovering throughout the realm of music and the arts; everything from studio tips & tricks and music marketing, to lessons in music, graphic design and photography.

Meaning of “Inity”

Inity (pronounced “I – nitty”) is Unity, but with a heightened sense of Oneness. Instead of saying “you” and “me”, we say “I and I”, because we are One. In essence, the spirit of Inity is a celebration of our underlying similarities, and an appreciation for the collaborative potential of our differences.

We apply this spirit of Inity to our creative pursuits in many ways.  Although the record label focuses largely on reggae-centric music, when we’re in the studio we love to bring together sounds, instruments, production techniques and vibes from any and every genre. That might mean putting a Spanish style distorted guitar on a live hip-hop drum beat with a reggae bassline, and then looping sections of the riddim, running it through a sampler, and adding record scratches and dub effects. It might also mean doing an acoustic, indie-rock cover of a reggae song. It’s all about bringing those myriad different sounds and approaches together in a harmonious mix.

On the business side, we seek opportunities to combine the skills and resources we have with those of others to reach our common goals of growth and contribution.

Simply put, our mission is this: helping people find their groove – a place of flow and harmony – free from the stumbling blocks of life. And Inity is the principle that guides that effort.

As a record label we provide music to the public – entertainment that sets your vibe when you put it on. Our services to artists help them focus on their music and creativity, instead of the business and financial concerns associated with launching a career. As a studio we provide the tools and diverse skills to keep creative channels open. And through education, we share the solutions and inspiration that we’ve discovered throughout our own personal journeys.

This is what Inity is to us. It’s collaboration with a sense of community – of family – to get you into your groove.