David Madden Session – June 2013 | Inity Studios
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We’ve had a few great studio sessions recently with Chris TipsySuburban Sunrise, and the Kel Behind The Kit project, but I had to tell you about a particular session we had this week with Toronto’s Isax on the sax, alongside legendary reggae trumpet player David Madden!

David has played on such timeless classics as Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier”, “War” and “Is This Love” (amongst many other Marley hits) as well as countless other reggae hits from every generation of reggae, including Collie Buddz’s “Come Around”, which was sampled from a song called “Last War” that David co-wrote in the ’70s for his band Zap Pow.

It was such an honor to have both Isax and Mr. Madden play on a few Suburban Sunrise tunes (which we’ll be sharing soon). Here’s a couple pics and a small audio sample of what we got to experience this week!

Session Audio Sample —> MLAH – sample, mid-production – 2013-06-27



Good Vibes!

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